The basic idea

The International Festival of Puppetry is founded by Davor Dragojević and Ljiljana Burzan Nikolić, as the part of NGO Children Artistic Center, and is being supported by institutions, city council, foundations and a lot of people.

Concept of a Programme of Festival

The base of the Festival is competition programme which includes at least four theatric production from all over the world (at least one from Montenegro) and the jury are acknowledged theatre artists and theatrologists (among them, one is from Montenegro). Next to competition part, if possible, the Festival can have Additional Programmes which will present children’s actors troupes, dance groups, music events etc.

The criterion for performances selection

The basic rule for selection of performances is their artistic quality. The quality is going to be judged by the selector of the Festival. The selection must be finished at least 6o days before the beginning of the Festival.